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A Fluffy Modular Revolution

With our latest innovation now you can enjoy the comfort of a bean bag with the style & structure of a premium lounge set. This designer modular sofa collection is made to improve the quality & appeal of your unique space.

Being completely modular, you can configure, re-arrange and add to suit the unique needs of your space.

Structure & Construction

Elastic Support Structure

Constructed with our intricate internal elastic tactile support; our structured loungers are soft but sturdy.

Lush Quilting

Sink into thickly padded seating at the end of a long day. Our quilted interior creates the gorgeous form that interior designers love.

Premium Fabric

We’re all about feeling & quality. We make our furniture with next-level fabrics so you can invest with confidence & longevity. Most of our sofa fabrics are treated to be water resistant and fire retardant to ensure life and quality.

Micro-bead Centre

70% smaller, higher density beads lie deep within to give you a longer lasting, quieter and more comfortable experience.

Washable Covers

Some of our bean bag sofa designs come with a removable washable cover. This means the covers are easy to maintain and allows you to change color and fabric at any time. The cleaning method depends on the fabric care recommendations.


Dual Velcro System

Modules do not move apart even on slippery surfaces thanks to the double Velcro Velcro system. A double system of Velcro fasten to the bottom of the sofa between the modules , which allows you to securely hold the modules together. Velcro fastens easily and is not visually noticeable.

Reinforced ykk Zippers

We also use reinforced ykk zipper system to securely and firmly hold units of modular bean bags together. This ensure there is no lateral movement when joined. Zipper mechanism is also used if at times additional accessories need to securely attached.