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Part-furniture, part-toy, and all-around the best thing to happen to playtime since, well, ever.

Universally adored.

Kids love Kidsit for its interplanetary possibilities, but parents love it for something else: saving space. It takes the place of dozens of trinkets and small toys, allowing for less cleanup and safer play. It also contributes to another important mission: saving the grown-up couch from certain destruction.

Explore the great indoors.

With Kidsit, playtime is a whole new animal, and every day is another adventure. Construct castles, ride on rocketships, say Hi to a friendly tiger on a safari, and still make it back home in time for dinner. Being made soft foam frame & core keep your kids safe from injuries caused by hard furniture.

Furniture that’s making waves.

It turns out that when you combine a couch with a toy, people take notice. That’s why Kidsit has been described as one of 2019’s best gifts for kids, and why some of our initial customers said it was “made for playroom paradise.” Now that’s some good P-aRrrgh!

The kids couch that everyone has their eyes on.

It turns out the world’s best kids toy is actually a couch.

With just four pieces, the Kidsit play couch is super simple, and that’s what makes it special. No bells and whistles, just four foam building blocks for the most creative people on Earth: kids.

Cozy, Comfy, & Creative

Occupational Therapy Tool

No Sharp Corners

Gross Motor Skills

Imaginative Play

Machine Washable

No Harmful Chemicals

Think inside the box.
(Only this once!)


Two Supportive Pillows

They say there's two sides to every story, but if the story is about our pillows, it has three. Use them for the columns of a coliseum, the hull of a ship, or just a backrest when you need a break in between.


One Soft Cushion

The cushion may be the Kidsit's thinnest piece, but without it, wall-climbers and cannonballers would be in for a rough landing. Its squishy and strong, so playroom superheroes can bounce back after big falls — just like the ones on TV.


One Sturdy Base

No one likes to be on the bottom of the pile. Well, except for the base, that is. Down there it gets to provide stable, reassuring structure to the pieces above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i wash it?

With ease! The micro-velour fabric is really durable, and machine washing works great. Wash cold by itself, and hang dry to prevent shrinking. For the small stuff, we recommend spot cleaning with a moist cloth or a carpet/upholstery cleaner.

How long can I keep it compressed in the box?

Kidsits don’t like to live in their boxes, the sooner you can open up your Kidsit the better. The Kidsit travels to you tightly compressed and wrapped up like a foam capsule - but the longer it’s in there, the longer it will take to pop back to form and un-wrinkle, so we strongly recommend you open your box as soon as it lands on your front doorstep!

What comes in the box?

Each Kidsit ships vacuum packed in a box, and a full set is four pieces. The four pieces (two supportive pillows, one thinner soft seat cushion and one thicker sturdy base) are compressed and rolled tightly in the box — then shipped right to your door.

Where can i buy a Kidsit?

Currently, the only place to buy a Kidsit or Kidsit cover set is right here on our site.

Is shipping free?

To most pincodes across India, yes! To check serviceability of our logistics partners to your exact pincode, please check with our support team via Chat or email.

The kids couch that everyone has their eyes on.